Your frequently asked questions.
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Many questions arise time and time again. This is why so many people make FAQ lists nowadays. Us included. Here, you can quickly and easily find answers to most of your questions, just a click or two away.

Why does the ProphyRepair prophylactic paste not contain sodium fluoride?

ProphyRepair contains dentine-like hydroxylapatite for remineralisation. As a result, no additional fluoride is required. One remineralisation is enough!

I am looking for a safe and reliable instrument disinfectant. What can you recommend?

Bechtol Premium is our next-generation high-performance concentrate. Its completely virucidal, bactericidal (including MRSA and M. terrae) and fungicidal effects, along with its suitability for use in ultrasonic baths and its excellent material compatibility, are among the reasons to use this product in your practice.

Does a sealer with microbicidal effects exist?

Yes. Our product Perma Evolution forms a self-sterile barrier and, when liquid, its microbicidal properties guarantee optimal protection against reinfection.

Is Perma Evolution absorbable?

No. Excess material is not absorbed.

Can individual Medi-Spenser glass products be bought as replacements?

Yes, please consult your dealer.

Can I autoclave the colored dappen dishes?

The colored dappen dishes are made of soda-lime glass and cannot be autoclaved or disinfected in a thermal disinfector. We recommend spraying with a surface disinfectant (e.g. Bechtozid plus) or using an alcohol bath. Or switch to our autoclavable dappen dishes, REF 689, made of opaline!

I am looking for a gluten-free prophylactic paste. Does such a thing exist?

Yes! All of our prophylactic pastes are gluten-free and phthalate-free, just as all modern formulations should be!

How do I clean the cotton wool centre?

Use a surface disinfectant such as our product Bechtozid plus. This ensures that you are on the safe side in terms of hygiene and material compatibility (Röhm test). Autoclaving is not possible.

Why should I choose Asphaline temp as a temporary root filling material?

It successfully prevents microorganisms from entering the root canal and thus supports complete healing of infected root canals and surrounding areas. It is the ideal paste for successful root canal treatment.