Becht4care® Hand disinfection gel

Alcohol-based antiseptic gel for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection


Product Features

  • highly effective against bacteria, incl. MRSA (EN 1040/13727) and yeast (EN 1276/13624) in 30 seconds
  • tuberculocidal (M.terrae) in 1 minute (EN 14348)
  • inactivates HBC/HCV/HIV/BVDV/SARS-CoV-2/Adeno-/Noro-/Rotaviruses in 1 minute (EN14476)
  • colorless and transparent
  • phenol and aldehyde-free
  • after the application of the gel no rinsing with water is needed
  • leaves no sticky feeling after application
  • protects and cares the skin, dermatest. tested, result: “excellent”
  • moisturizing ingredients
  • is absorbed quickly
  • pleasently scented
Bestseller Siegel Antiviral Viruzid Siegel
REF Unit Product
525.100 bottle100 ml
525.500 bottle for Euro dispenser, incl. pump dispenser500 ml
525.1 bottle for Euro dispenser, incl. pump dispenser1 liter
525.5 canister5 liter