Becht4Prophy Prophylactic Polishers latex-free snap-on

Product Features

  • compatible with mandrels of type 5/ISO 13295


The hardness of the individual polishers is indicated by their color.
Blue: Soft, for final polishing of the tooth surface, especially near the gingival sulcus to protect the soft tissue.
Purple: Medium, universal hardness for cleaning and polishing.
Yellow: Hard, for removing severe plaque.


Becht prophylactic polishers are class IIa medical devices and are intended for single use only. All packaging units are shipped non-sterile. Please observe the maximum working speed of 2500 min-1 rpm.

REF Content Color
202.1 24 piecesblue
202.3 24 piecespurple
202.2 24 piecesyellow