Bechtozid Premium

Ready-to-use quick disinfection

For the disinfection and cleaning of high-risk surfaces of medical devices, e.g. patient treatment chairs, unit handles and handpieces


Product Features

  • highly effective against bacteria (incl. MRSA) and yeast in 30 sec (EN 13727/13624)
  • tuberculocidal (M. terrae) in 30 seconds (EN 14348)
  • inactivates Adeno/HPV in 1 minute and Polio in 2 minutes (EN 14476)
  • inactivates HBV/HCV/HIV/BVDV/H1N1/Vaccinia/SARS-CoV-2 viruses in 30 seconds (EN 14476)
  • tested in accordance with the directives of the DGHM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie) of 4/2015 under high organic load
  • gentle to all alcohol resistant surfaces, non-corrosive
  • perfume-free or with fresh citrus scent
Antiviral Viruzid Siegel
REF Unit Product
561PF bottle1 liter ready-to-use solution, perfume-free, reusable, without spray head
561 bottle1 liter ready-to-use solution, with citrus scent, reusable, without spray head
561.5PF canister5 liter ready-to-use solution, perfume-free
561.5 canister5 liter ready-to-use solution, with citrus scent
561.10PF canister10 liter ready-to-use solution, perfume-free
561.10 canister10 liter ready-to-use solution, with citrus scent
544.SP -Spray head for 1-liter bottle