Medicament Bottles opaline

of high quality opaline for keeping medicaments

with special color coding system for storage in drawers, with color rings on the upper brim of the base an lower brim of the cover.


Product Features

  • coding system with rings in different colors ensures safe identification of its content
  • lid with easy-grip cover and airtight closure
  • well rounded interior permits the contents to be used up to the last drop
  • size: 32 mm in dia. at base, 42 mm high
  • approx. 3 ml capacity
Autoklavierbar Siegel
REF Set (sorted) Color REF Replacement Lid
699.1 5 colors, assorted (yellow, red, green, blue, black)
699.12 yellow699.22
699.13 red699.23
699.14 green699.24
699.15 blue699.25
699.16 black699.26