Medicament Bottles Simplex opaline

of Simplex opaline for keeping medicaments

with color rings on the shoulder of the base and lower brim of the cover


Product Features

  • coding system with rings in different colors ensures safe identification of its content
  • lid with easy-grip cover and airtight closure
  • well rounded interior permits the contents to be used up to the last drop
  • size: 32 mm in dia. at base, 42 mm high
  • approx. 3 ml capacity
Autoklavierbar Siegel
REF Set (sorted) Color REF Replacement Lid
698.0 5 colors, assorted (yellow, red, green, blue, black)
698.02 yellow698.22
698.03 red698.23
698.04 green698.24
698.05 blue698.25
698.06 black698.26