Perma Evolution

Permanent root filling material

In along the endodontic treatment chain Perma Evolution is regarded as THE permanent root filling material. Based on proven epoxy amine technology, this chemically curing 2-component material confers a multitude of benefits on users and patients alike. The dedicated selection of starting materials ensures a high load-bearing capacity and density of the paste in the root canal. It also exhibits excellent bonding with the surrounding dentin. The microbicidal effect in the liquid phase guarantees the best protection against reinfection. Finally, by mixing the pastes in the double-chamber syringe, you achieve a high degree of safety and ergonomics chairside while preventing the transfer of germs into the root canal. Use Becht guttapercha points for optimal lateral condensation.


Product Features

  • free of iodoform and paraformaldehyde for bestbiocompatibility
  • microbicidal effect
  • „„outstanding dimensional stability
  • strong adhesion to the dentin
  • radiopaque
  • easy retreatment
  • suitable for all orthograde root filling techniques
  • fulfils the requirements of EN ISO 6876 for dental root canal sealing materials
  • working time: 15 minutes
  • setting time: 24 hours
Bestseller Siegel
REF Product
555 Automix syringe with 5 ml content, 20 mixing cannulas and 20 endo tips
555.0 Refill with automix syringe with 5 ml content, without cannulas and endo tips
555.1 Refill with 25 mixing cannulas
555.2 Refill with 25 endo tips