Product Features

  • creamy consistency that is easy to apply
  • with 0,5 % Hydroxylapatite
  • water soluble
  • vegan and lactose-free
  • gluten and phthalate-free
  • low foaming property allows a good view of the working field
  • mild mint flavor


Becht’s ProphyRepair sets unparalleled standards for prophylactic pastes while offering an all in-one ergonomic solution for gentle cleaning, effective fine polishing and enamel remineralization.
Our use of Hydroxylapatite as an alternative to fluoride is another distinctive feature that has an even greater effect on remineralization and enamel build-up.
ProphyRepair can be used in a multitude of ways, including for prophylaxis on natural healthy teeth, for cleaning teeth before surgery and prior to bleaching.


ProphyRepair is a progressively activated prophylactic paste and contains silicates. After just brief polishing, silicates change their geometry. That way, after its initial cleaning strength unfolds, the paste’s properties adapt to allow final, high-gloss polishing.

Bestseller Siegel Vegan Siegel
REF Color RDA Tube Contents
486 white34 (final polishing)95 g